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  • Cancer – Part Three

    We have covered a lot of ground over the last two blogs. What I have mentioned are general guidelines for you to consider and research for your own life. The guidelines that I give are to facilitate a healthier lifestyle. I encourage you to seek out medical advice if you have specific questions that relate […]

  • How to Overcome Methamphetamine Addiction Part 2

    “Ice” is ‘crystalline methamphetamine hydrochloride,’ and can be smoked or injected intravenously, whereas plan methamphetamine powder is snorted or taken orally. The ice form of the drug gives a more intense high, or “rush,” than the powder form of the drug. It is many times more addictive than the powder form. The powder form is […]

  • How To Overcome Cocaine Addiction Part 2

    Welcome back – let’s look deeper into how cocaine does its evil work on the body. Cocaine is one of the world’s most powerful stimulants of natural origin. As the drug is consumed by the user it enhances the secretion of NRTs in their brain resulting in feelings of euphoria, heightened alertness, increased concentration and […]

  • How To Overcome Cocaine Addiction Part 1

    Life is full of trials and turmoil. It is during these times of uncertainty that lead many to find a drug of choice to avoid the reality of life. For many their drug of choice is cocaine. They find that using cocaine is a release from their pain, albeit, temporary. It relieves the pain that […]