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  • Addiction to Prescription Drugs

    Prescription medications such as pain relievers, central nervous system depressants (tranquilizers and sedatives), and stimulants are highly beneficial treatments for a variety of health conditions. Pain relievers enable individuals with chronic pain to lead productive lives; tranquilizers can reduce anxiety and help patients with sleep disorders; and stimulants help people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder […]

  • Teenagers and Prescription Drugs

    A Dangerous New High When Amanda was 14 years of age she had the last of four sinus surgeries. The best part of the whole process, according to Amanda, was that she received hydrocodone or a common pain pill called Vicodin, Lortab, Norco, etc, every time. She took some of the pills for her pain […]

  • Spirit Filled or Drug Filled – Part 3: Commonly Abused RX Drugs

    Good day in the Lord Jesus Christ! The last two weeks we discussed Bath Salts and Club Drugs. Today in our blog we are going to take a closer look at the abuse of prescription drugs. Over the course of the next four weeks we will look at: #1 Marijuana #2 Spice (Synthetic Marijuana) #3 […]