• Spirit Filled or Drug Filled – Part 7: MDMA (Ecstasy)

    I pray this series has been enlightening as we discussed several drugs that are commonly abused. In our final blog in this series we will discuss MDMA (Ecstasy). It is God’s desire that He completely sanctify every aspect of our lives – spirit, soul, and body – according to I Thessalonians 5:23. God desires to […]

  • Spirit Filled or Drug Filled – Part 1: Bath Salts

    Over the course of the next several weeks I want to discuss certain drugs or chemicals that are abused by many in our society. Drugs and chemicals such as: #1 Bath Salts (Synthetic Cathinones) #2 Club Drugs (GHB, Ketamine, & Rohypnol) #3 Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs #4 Marijuana #5 Spice (Synthetic Marijuana) #6 Salvia #7 […]