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  • Spirit Filled or Drug Filled – Part 2: Club Drugs

    Yesterday we discussed Bath Salts and their abuse. Today we will discuss Club drugs. In the blogs to follow we will look into the following substances: #1 Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs #2 Marijuana #3 Spice (Synthetic Marijuana) #4 Salvia #5 MDMA (Ecstasy) It is God’s desire that He completely sanctify every aspect of our lives […]

  • Fentanyl or Duragesic Patch

    Greg was a 42-year-old man that was disabled from his job as a police officer secondary to severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA). His law enforcement career looked promising as he advanced quickly up the ranks, reaching the position of sergeant in record time for his municipality. At the age of 30 he started noticing joint pain […]