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  • Teenagers and Prescription Drugs

    A Dangerous New High When Amanda was 14 years of age she had the last of four sinus surgeries. The best part of the whole process, according to Amanda, was that she received hydrocodone or a common pain pill called Vicodin, Lortab, Norco, etc, every time. She took some of the pills for her pain […]

  • Breaking Free from Heroin Addiction Part 4

    Today is our fourth and final day on the subject of heroin use. Today we will continue to talk about the consequences associated with heroin use along with the subject matter of tolerance. A huge problem with heroin is the aspect of tolerance. Tolerance refers to the user’s inability to achieve the desired high with […]

  • Breaking Free from Heroin Addiction Part 3

    Thank you once again for returning for this day’s discussion on heroin and its many consequences. The user of heroin will have a decreased mental function. In a sense, they will feel as if they are in a cloud. Their actions are often diminished. They’re breeding can slow down, and in fact, many even shut […]

  • Breaking Free from Heroin Addiction Part 2

    Thank you for returning to my website. Yesterday we talked about Sandy and her addiction to heroin. Today we will talk more specifically about the drug heroin. As with all other addictive drugs, it is amazing to learn how effective heroin is at masking the real root problem in a person’s life. Heroin actually stimulates […]

  • Breaking Free from Heroin Addiction Part 1

    One of my patients gave me her testimony regarding her life on heroin. Her name was Sandy. Her testimony is quite compelling and I would like to share it with you today before we talk more in detail about the drug heroin. Sandy told me that her high school years were, to an extent, uneventful. […]