Author: Dr. George Crabb

  • New Location

    New location information for my new clinic with Millennium Physician Group. Dr. George T. Crabb 11181 Health Park Blvd. Ste 3030 Naples, FL 34110 Phone (239) 249-8996 Accepting new patients. Privileges at NCH

  • Prayer and Fasting

    The question comes up many times in Christian circles concerning fasting – whether a Christian should or should not. Is there any benefit or is this simply an “Old Testament” type of thing that we can ignore today? The truth is…fasting is for today! In fact, it is for now more than ever! Under normal […]

  • Healing for the Hurting Heart

    As children of God, most of us spend a considerable amount of our time trying to come to terms with what happened to us in the past. These past experiences have left us feeling the following negative emotions: Feaful Rejected Worthless Shameful Insecure Defiled Hopeless Our prayers and our desires all seem to focus on […]

  • A Light Unto My Path

    The utter darkness of this world can be fully understood only by the believer who has experienced the transformation of the New Birth; his former standing in Satan’s kingdom of darkness and his new one in the kingdom of God’s dear Son provide a glaring contrast. Yes, the sinner saved by grace knows first-hand what […]

  • Illicit Drug Use Among Older Adults

    Illicit drug use generally declines as individuals move through young adulthood into middle adulthood and maturity, but research has shown that the baby-boom generation (persons born between 1946 and 1964) has relatively higher drug use rates than previous generations.  It has been predicted that, as the baby boom generation ages, past year marijuana use will […]

  • 9 Warning Signs

    Many people think that relapse just happens or that it comes out of nowhere. However, relapse has a very predictable pattern that, if looked at closely, can be seen in most every case. There is always a reason for relapse. There is always a triggering event. There are always triggering events that transpire facilitating the […]

  • Energy Drinks

    The number of emergency room (ER) visits associated with nonalcoholic energy drinks is surging. In 2005 there were 1,128 such visits and in 2009 there were 13,114, with the highest number occurring in 2008 at 16,055 ER visits. In 44% of ER visits involving energy drinks, the drinks were taken together with other substances, such […]

  • Cancer – Part Five

    When King David experienced healing from the hand of God, he lifted his heart in praise, declaring, “O LORD my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me.” Psalm 30:2. We should be lifting our hearts to God on a daily basis. We need to cry out to Him for help whenever we […]

  • Cancer – Part Four

    Over the past three days we have discussed several items that can help all of us lead a healthier and happy life. I do want to mention that even if you follow the best diet and exercise and keep your physical body in the best shape possible that we are still dealing with a corruptible […]

  • Cancer – Part Three

    We have covered a lot of ground over the last two blogs. What I have mentioned are general guidelines for you to consider and research for your own life. The guidelines that I give are to facilitate a healthier lifestyle. I encourage you to seek out medical advice if you have specific questions that relate […]