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  • Illicit Drug Use Among Older Adults

    Illicit drug use generally declines as individuals move through young adulthood into middle adulthood and maturity, but research has shown that the baby-boom generation (persons born between 1946 and 1964) has relatively higher drug use rates than previous generations.  It has been predicted that, as the baby boom generation ages, past year marijuana use will […]

  • Why People Cut Themselves 2

    Thank you for returning so that we may explore more deeply the reason behind self harm behavior. The primary reason people self-injure is to relieve emotional pain. It is an extreme, unhealthy, and ungodly coping mechanism that some people use to get through times of stress, anxiety, conflict, disappointment, failure, or heartache. Many self-injurers have […]

  • The Effects of Uppers 1 – Ritalin Speed Aderol

    Justin is a 27 year old man that came to my office one day seeking help because of his longstanding addiction to Adderall. Adderall along with Ritalin and Concerta are known as “uppers,” “stimulants” or “speed.” Justin had been addicted for approximately 3 years. He went on to tell me, “It’s all I wanted. It […]

  • How To Overcome Cocaine Addiction Part 2

    Welcome back – let’s look deeper into how cocaine does its evil work on the body. Cocaine is one of the world’s most powerful stimulants of natural origin. As the drug is consumed by the user it enhances the secretion of NRTs in their brain resulting in feelings of euphoria, heightened alertness, increased concentration and […]

  • About Dr. Crabb

    Dr. Crabb was born and raised in Southeast Michigan. He was raised in a Christian home by his parents, Pastor George and Donna Crabb. He became a believer in the Lord Jesus when he was 13 years of age. He graduated from Christian school education in 1983 and pursued an undergraduate degree in Biology at […]