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  • Addiction, Its Many Faces – Part I

    Addiction to alcohol, nicotine, prescription medications, and illegal substances cost Americans upwards of half a trillion dollars a year, considering their combined medical, economic, criminal, and social impact. Every year, abuse of illicit drugs, prescription drugs, and alcohol contributes to the death of more than 100,000 Americans, while tobacco is linked to an estimated 440,000 […]

  • Breaking Free from Heroin Addiction Part 3

    Thank you once again for returning for this day’s discussion on heroin and its many consequences. The user of heroin will have a decreased mental function. In a sense, they will feel as if they are in a cloud. Their actions are often diminished. They’re breeding can slow down, and in fact, many even shut […]

  • Breaking Free from Heroin Addiction Part 2

    Thank you for returning to my website. Yesterday we talked about Sandy and her addiction to heroin. Today we will talk more specifically about the drug heroin. As with all other addictive drugs, it is amazing to learn how effective heroin is at masking the real root problem in a person’s life. Heroin actually stimulates […]