How do People Get Addicted to Pornography 2

by Dr. George Crabb on March 30, 2010 · 0 comments

We left off yesterday with the following statement – I think I can say without fear of contradiction that the medical profession has demonstrated certain facts in relationship to pornography. These fall into four categories, and they are absolutely predictable! Let’s look closely at each one.

#1 Addiction Pornography is as addictive as alcohol, drugs, or gambling – and this is a proven fact! Pornography isn’t something an individual can pick up and lay down, or escape at will. It takes but a short time before the individual becomes addicted. Sad to say, research indicates that seventy-five percent of all printed pornography eventually falls into the hands of children. Think of the implications of that fact.

#2 Escalation Addiction takes a short time and then escalation sets in. “Old” pornography is not as stimulating as “new” pornography. There is no thrill in going over what has been previously viewed. You need a steady diet of “bigger and better thrills.” How is this provided? By deeper and deeper excursions into greater and greater perversion. This is escalation. It’s easy to picture how the process begins. Once the individual is hooked, he has to have ever-increasing “doses” of pornography, and these must be of a stronger and stronger stimulation to elicit arousal originally brought on by “soft porn.” What happens when pornography is viewed of any type? It has a specific medical effect on the individual. It has been demonstrated that an actual chemical reaction takes place in a man’s brain when he views any type of pornographic material. This chemical reaction (which has a resulting effect upon both body and soul) causes these mental images to be imprinted indelibly upon the brain of the individual. They will subsequently be recalled with clarity and with such force that the individual is unable to break the chain of events as he falls deeper and deeper under the influence of these unhealthy stimuli. WE were once told that, “it was all in the mind” – and that’s why researchers were prone to dismiss the whole subject as harmless erotica. But more recent researcher demonstrates what actually happens – causing a gradual but definite deterioration of the individual. An addiction to pornography will destroy the individual just as surely as will an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

#3 Desensitization Once the individual indulges in pornography bondage is sure to follow. He becomes addicted until it soon becomes something he can’t pick up or put down at will. At this point it begins to escalate. He must now wallow deeper and deeper in perversion to satisfy the demands of a mind that is rapidly becoming warped by this disease of hell. Material that would have once been repulsive- horribly shocking – now becomes acceptable, even commonplace. The man who wouldn’t have even considered molesting a child suddenly starts to “get his kicks” by watching child molestation (or child abuse). It no longer repulses him – he is almost another person. Incredibly, the hard core addict can watch a woman being raped and have no normal reaction of revulsion. To the contrary, he becomes aroused and sexually excited by viewing this ghoulish scene. What has happened? He’s become “desensitized.” Normal responses have been erased, and moral and spiritual disintegration have set in, until finally he is in total bondage.

#4 The Acting Out of the Role Psychologists and sociologists have found that these steps invariably occur: first, addiction; then escalation; next desensitization; and, finally, the acting out of the role. After viewing the pornographic material and gradually becoming more and more debased, the individual suddenly finds himself desirous of acting out the role he’s been viewing or reading about. At this point he might try to get his wife or girl friend to act out the female role in such situations – whatever they may be. If he doesn’t have a wife or girlfriend, rape or force is resorted to with strange women – or even children. The compulsion does inevitably develop, however, to act out the role.

Pornography in all forms is destructive. So, no matter where you find yourself in regards to this addictive behavior there is a way out. Freedom is available. What is needed is for you to exchange your pornography for the Person, Jesus Christ. Allow us at Reformers Unanimous to help you out of this darkness into the glorious freedom found only in Jesus

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