How do People Get Addicted to Pornography 1

Lori was a beautiful child, three years old, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was playing outside her home in a Denver suburb when a man enticed her into his car. Three days later a party of hikers found Lori in a park in the foothills of the Rockies. They heard a child’s cry coming from an outhouse and when they looked down deep into the pit, there was Lori. She was ankle deep in sewage and naked except for her underclothes. When they asked her what she was doing there, she replied, “I’m home, I live here.” After Lori was pulled from the ten-foot pit, doctors discovered she was suffering from hypothermia, trenchfoot, and sexual abuse. A few days later she identified a twenty-one year old man in a police line-up. “He was the bad man,” she said, “who put me in the hole.” (Newsweek, May 14, 1984.)

Since the so-called “sexual revolution” back in the sixties, America has been suffering the consequences of this “new enlightenment.” Today, seven out of ten teenagers are already pregnant when they marry. Homosexuality, with all its associated aberrations and perversions, threatens to inundate the nation. We are further told that between 100,000 and 500,000 American children will be molested this year. On top of this, incest has become so common that the normal mind can barely absorb the statistics. Diseases like Chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea have become pandemic. Herpes is sweeping the nation. Today, about ten percent of Americans have herpes – and now the country is threatened by the worst social disease of all time – AIDS. Its rate of increase is multiplying by three times every year. Only God knows what will happen if this disease is not checked! As of this moment the medical profession has no definitive answer. Billions of dollars a year are spent on pornography, and that is what I want to discuss in this article.

Pornography may well be the single most insidious element within this country and within the church. Pornography is also the cause of a veritable avalanche of problems including child molestation, incest, child kidnapping and murder, and every conceivable kind of sexual perversion. You see, what the psychologists and sociologists don’t seem to understand is that sin escalates. It always has and it always will. You can’t dabble in sin to a certain point and then drop it; it continues to escalate until it engulfs and destroys the person involved. This is why Jesus said, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy…” (John 10:10). Satan is never satisfied until he utterly destroys those who succumb to his temptations.

Webster’s dictionary tells us that pornography is the “depiction of erotic behavior, as in pictures or writing, intending to cause sexual excitement.” It involves such material as books, photographs, film, DVD’s, cable TV, Pay Per View, and the Internet all depicting erotic behavior and intended to cause sexual excitement. I think I can say without fear of contradiction that the medical profession has demonstrated certain facts in relationship to pornography. These fall into four categories, and they are absolutely predictable!

Next time we will look specifically at each of the four stages of pornography addiction.


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  1. Just saw a patient that was taking 20 Percocet a day for the last 5 years. Trying to help her medically and pointing her to RU. Many people out there that are hurting and looking for help and hope!

  2. I really enjoyed hearing you speak on Coast to Coast. I went onto you website to take a look. I ran across this article and feel you are right on “he so-called “sexual revolution” back in the sixties, America has been suffering the consequences of this “new enlightenment”. Then quickly I was floored by your ignorant comment “Homosexuality, with all its associated aberrations and perversions, threatens to inundate the nation.”. I am man attracted to other men, NOT CHILDREN, NOT ANIMALS, NOT INANIMATE OBJECTS.
    Portions of every Group, Race, Ethnicity, Religion denomination members watch porn. I’m a good person, not promiscuous, diseased, or a Pervert. Its funny to me that you seem to be a very open hearted, deep thinking, thoughtful person, with an obviously angry and closed minded view on “homosexuals”. Not sure if you were molested and incorrectly associate gay men/gay people with incest . Labeling a group of people as “associated aberrations and perversions, threatens to inundate the nation” is narrow minded and sadly ignorant. Nevertheless i will continue to read your material and learn from you years of experience in other places. Exited your website and depriving myself and my family and friends of the good i could learn here would be a simply ANGRY AND CLOSE MINDED of me.

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