How To Overcome Cocaine Addiction Part 1

by Dr. George Crabb on March 22, 2010 · 1 comment

Life is full of trials and turmoil. It is during these times of uncertainty that lead many to find a drug of choice to avoid the reality of life. For many their drug of choice is cocaine. They find that using cocaine is a release from their pain, albeit, temporary. It relieves the pain that dwells in their deepest, darkest dungeon of their life. But the pain and hurt are still there when the cocaine is gone. A user generally thinks, “It is no big deal!” Choosing to believe that is merely their attempt to minimize and deflect attention away from the problem. My friend, cocaine is a big deal affecting millions in our world. It is a significant issue that affects the body, soul, and spirit of the user as well as those around them. The addict believes the lie that, “cocaine is a necessary stimulant for having a good time.” Believing this lie leads to a life of bondage.

So, why does the addict do what they do? The reasons behind their destructive behavior are many. Perhaps the most common reason for using cocaine is as a coping mechanism in regards to the stressors’ of life. All of us learn to handle hurtful and negative events in different ways. We feel “out of control” because of internal pain, frustration and anxiety. Our natural response is to alleviate the pain. Unfortunately, many people find temporary relief in cocaine.

Each user of cocaine knows exactly how the substance makes them feel. They also recognize that the feeling it generates each time is fairly consistent. However, very few addicts actually know why it makes them feel this way, much less how it happens. Cocaine is very effective at masking the real root problem in their life. Cocaine stimulates neurotransmitters (NRTs) in the addict’s brain resulting in a false sense of enjoyment. This sense of pleasure is of course only temporary and carries a heavy price tag. This sense of enjoyment experienced by the addict is not reality. However, we have a very great Creator who made our body to secrete these NRTs and He has ways of doing so without the pain and misery of this illegal and destructive drug.

In my next blog we will talk more specifically on how cocaine causes all of it’s damage.

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Tramadol Abuse November 9, 2011 at 6:25 pm

If you think that as long as you and your family members remain free of addiction, then issues of substance abuse do not pertain to your life, think again.

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