Breaking Free from Heroin Addiction Part 1

One of my patients gave me her testimony regarding her life on heroin. Her name was Sandy. Her testimony is quite compelling and I would like to share it with you today before we talk more in detail about the drug heroin.

Sandy told me that her high school years were, to an extent, uneventful. She went on to tell me that after high school, I worked for a year on the campus of a state university. It was during that time that drinking beer and smoking marijuana were introduced into my life. Eventually, a friend and I moved to New York City. The money and the drugs were very appealing to a young lady. After three years in New York, I moved to San Francisco. It was there I was introduced to heroin. During this time that I was actively addicted, I gave birth to two children, a boy and a girl. During this time I was still heavily indulging in marijuana, nitrous oxide and heroin. I would stay up for days on end getting high and not eating. Needless to say, this was devastating to my health and well-being. I used the heroin by either snorting or smoking it. As my life began to spiral downward, and as I needed more and more drugs, my significant other and I became more desperate for money. Our friends were quickly deserting us. I remember one morning, as I was getting out the shower, looking into the mirror and asking myself, “How will I ever get out of this?”

I was afraid of losing my children. This had happened too many of my friends. I knew that God had something better for me and my children. Not long after that, I scraped up enough money, and me and my children went to my father’s house in Ohio. It was a rough trip. I was coming off “speedballs”, and, at the same time, caring for my two children. But, God saw me home! A family member that was in the area saw our desperate plight, and he invited us to his church. We eventually did attend the church. I felt somewhat uncomfortable therefore we did not go back for approximately 2 years. But I did eventually go back. I found out that the church had an active addictions program. I became a faithful student of that church’s addiction program called Reformers Unanimous.

Reformers Unanimous changed my life! The daily journal has opened up my eyes to so many Spiritual truths. I have also pledged my life to helping others in a similar situation. I am so thankful to God that He saw fit to deliver me from the pit of foolishness I was wallowing in. God is so good! He loved me in spite of my stupidity, faults, and my sin. He lifted me up out of the filth of this world and sat me on the Solid Rock. I thank God for Reformers Unanimous.

Sandy could not take the internal torment any longer. She saw no way to escape the pain or sense of hopelessness except through continued use of heroin. Like Sandy, many people of all ages and walks of life battle with the seemingly undefeatable problem of heroin addiction on a daily basis.

Does the scenario of Sandy describe you or someone you love? Are you searching for answers? There are millions of people just like you or someone you know who are desperately seeking for their way out. Like Sandy, many have found that way out. They, along with Sandy, have joined thousands of addicts who have found freedom through this program called Reformers Unanimous. Many have sought treatment, like Sandy, without any long term success. Yet, these same people are transformed as they engage in the Reformers Unanimous curriculum and participate in its extremely supportive weekly programs.

Thousands of these individuals are now productive members of society. Collectively, they are a living testimony that there is hope for you or for those whom you love. Yes, heroin can be eliminated from your life. There is hope! There is freedom!

Tomorrow we will start discussing more specifically about the drug heroin and it’s affect on our bodies. Please join me!

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